‘Fighters’, the reality TV show produced by UFC president Dana White which focused on the sport of boxing has been canceled by the Discovery channel after just one episode.

“385,000 people watched the show, which is fucking horrendous. especially for Discovery,” White had admitted last week after the premiere, appearing even at that stage to be resigned to the fact that the show was going to be canned.

“They didn’t promote it at all,” White went on to claim.  “I promoted the shit out of it, but it didn’t do well, which sucks because it’s a great series. I wish people would watch it.”

There are still hopes that perhaps the show can be switched to a more “appropriate” channel for a show of this nature, but there’s nothing concrete at this stage.

The ‘Fighters’ show was always a pet project for White, a chance to pay homage to the sport he loved as a youngster growing up in Boston.

If it had been successful then who knows what might have happened.  When asked prior to the show airing whether he might also be interested in promoting boxing events, White wasn’t willing to be drawn one way or the other.

I don’t know. We’ll see what happens,” he said. “I don’t want to commit to anything.”

Given the dismal ratings it looks likely that White will now be back to focusing 100% on his ‘day job’, running the UFC, and in many respects that’s no bad thing as there’s no doubt there’s more than enough to keep him busy there.