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Dana White’s Hackers Leaked The Wrong Person’s Information

Dana White created quite a stir this week when he decided to call out the hackers who had taken down his website, calling them “terrorists” and daring them to do it again.

Of course the hackers gladly obliged and before long a file was released online alledgedly containing White’s addresses, phone numbers, and social security number.

It sounds like everybody’s worst nightmare, but it appears that White actually got lucky and the information leak wasn’t quite as bad for him as it first seemed.

Hours later the UFC president wrote on the popular MMA forum ‘The UG’ that most of the information actually related to his father.

In a separate conversation with a poster on Twitter he also noted that some of the other details were actually connected to people completely unrelated to him.

“Watch the news in Vegas and all the people that are upset that their shit is out there. Not mine.”

Indeed, a news story from FOX 5 Vegas which emerged online today appears to confirm White’s story, with Las Vegas resident Julie Breeler being the unfortunate victim in this case, having been subject to over 500 phone calls over the past few days after her phone number was mistakenly included in the ‘Dana White DOX’ released by the hacker.

Meanwhile, hackers have had more success in their attempts to target the UFC’s website, defacing it several times while also claiming to have the power to completely wipe it from the net if the UFC president doesn’t back down.

Ramping up the pressure UFC fighter Jason ‘Mayhem’ Miller’s personal details were also posted online, apparently by the same hacker who had revealed White’s supposed information.

However, once again it appears that some, if not all of the data was incorrect as one Twitter user who also goes by the name of Jason Miller has complained that the information is in fact his, not the UFC stars.

It’s certainly a bizarre situation all round, and one that many MMA fans would no doubt by happy to see the back off as quickly as possible, but at the time of writing the UFC president is stills sticking to his guns and isn’t backing down from his anti-piracy stance.

Watch the full FOX 5 news story regarding the case of mistaken identity below.

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