Yesterday was a memorable one for UFC president Dana White as he had the honor of addressing the Oxford Union Society at the historic Oxford University in England ahead of UFC 120 on Saturday night.

Prior to the talk White had admitted that he doesn’t like to prepare speeches and so was intending to just go out and see what happens. You’ve got to admire him for that, though speaking to a room full of people has become an almost daily occurence for him as the head of the ever-expanding UFC company.

The downside is that it means his talk tended to fall on well-trodden ground so if you’ve heard White talk about the UFC over the years there won’t be much in the way of fresh news or insight here. The audience didn’t help much. White had been bracing himself for tough questions from some of the sharpest minds in the countries…instead he was served up old familiars like, “Will you ever sign Fedor Emelianenko?”

“I’ll never say never,” was the jist of his reply.

At the start of this year White was quoted numerous times as saying that his goal is for MMA to be the biggest sport in the world by the end of this decade. He touched on that subject again last night, though his timeframe appears to have expanded a little.

“I’m telling you here today – and you guys are going to be around for a long time – in the next fifteen years it’s going to be the biggest sport in the world. Remember I said that. Remember I was here and you were here this evening and I told you that, and watch what we do…watch what we do in the next five years, let alone the next fifteen.”

His best line came when asked what his exit strategy was for the UFC.

“My exit strategy is death,” he replied with a smile.

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