Dana White’s UFC 112 Post-Fight Interview Focuses On Anderson Silva

In the UFC 112 post-fight press conference Dana White voiced his anger at what he had just witnessed in the Anderson Silva Vs Demian Maia fight, and in a follow-up interview with mmafighting.com’s Ariel Helwani ,Silva’s performance continued to be the main topic of conversation.

“I’m really embarrassed,” a deflated looking White confessed.

He then admitted that the rumor that he had walked out of the fight in disgust was true.

“I left in the fourth round and I gave the belt to Ed (Silva’s manager) and I said ‘you put it on him, I’m not doing it.”

White was also angry at Silva’s attitude after the fight.

“The other thing that’s more baffling is that he feels that he doesn’t owe the fans an apology, yet I’m apologizing. I didn’t go in and fight like a jackass for five rounds. I didn’t do what he did tonight, but I’m embarrassed. I feel like I should apologize to the fans and I feel like I owe the fans one.”

When asked if either Georges St.Pierre or Brock Lesnar interested Dana as potential next opponents for Silva, he had a blunt reply.

“Anderson doesn’t interest me right now. The only thing I care about right now is going and having the conversation I want to have with him right now. As far as him fighting again and what else, I can’t even think about it right now.”

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  1. No play no pay two rounds is enough he doesn’t want to fight take his belt simple as that. My wife lets me watch this at 10:00 pm usally she never watches in bed. Early today ufc 112 she said its a waste of money to see someone run around the ring in circles what a joke, silva sucks take his belt, I can’t watch no more thanks silva, I have been watching since ufc 1 no weight classes, new wife though. Didn’t have a problem till she saw me watch this joke of a fight tonight. Bill

  2. Ah, no prizes for guessing who wears the pants in your household Bill!

    Only kidding mate, you and the wife certainly won’t be alone in feeling short-changed after the event tonight.

    I think the best option would be for Silva to vacate the middleweight belt and move up to fight at light-heavyweight, and perhaps even heavyweight where there are more fighters who will be willing to stand and fight with him.

  3. I can’t watch UFC anymore, either. I caught a replay stream and watched Silva fight and now I can’t watch anymore. I’m just disgusted. I don’t know if I’ll ever watch another UFC fight. I’m serious. Anderson, if you don’t want to fight anymore, just retire. Spare us the stupid antics.

  4. i watch all of the pay pre veiw and 112 sucked ass i never would ask for a refund the penn fight was boring,matt’s fight was really boring and to top it all off silvia was fun until the third what is going on with the ufc damm i refund would be great dana you make enough money lol

  5. One thing I have noticed about Silva and am wondering if anyone else has picked up on it…It seems to me that anytime he fights a non-Brazilian he shows his dominance in the ring. When he fights a fellow countryman it is like he doesn’t want to finish the fight and embarrass them; he does just enough to win the points. Is he afraid to engage with Brazilians?

  6. Hey Silva, if you only want to defend your title without giving a show, tell Dana White to give you only the fighters that are as stupid and as disgusting as you. I assure you it will one hell of a show, better than a Circus. Both of you will be playing Tag in the Octagon, running around 99% of the 25 mins, the fighter with the less punches landed or points will be the It. you’re the stupidest champ i’ve ever seen defended a title.

  7. you can say silva sucks all you want however he man put another professional to shame for 3 rounds. you cant deny he is the best fighter in the world. your just mad cause he stopped humiliating someone. for all of you that say take his belt. thats ridiculous!

  8. This was the UFC’s attempt to show that Stikeforce can set up better fights… (joke).

    Seriously, this is about Silva showing that the UFC does not have the depth in the middleweight and light heavy weight divisions that its fans and Dana White have been hammering every other organization over the head. This was not about Anderson disrespecting the sport as much as it was about disrespecting the UFC. Kudos to Anderson for showing that the UFC middleweight division was abandoned when they let Nick Diaz and Hendo go. The main card of UFC 112 sucked even worse than that for UFC 111 with the brit with no ground game.

  9. It wasn’t just Silva. The whole match, all of them, we3re the most ridiculous display of lame ass fights i have ever witnessed.

    it sucked so bad it created gravity. :-(

    all of it

    waste of money.

    Been watching ufc for over 15 years. biggest fiasco i have ever seen. almost like watching fake wrestling wwe smackdown crap.

    thorough disappointment.

    I’ll question paying for viewing again.

    Have a gre3at day Dana. You lost.

  10. Yeah Dave, you really are a moron. You can’t deny the fact that watching the Silva Maia fight makes you wanna puke. Or maybe you’re just that pea brained and is an avid fan of worlds most disgusting fights :D take it into production and you might make money out of ignorant nerds who wants to watch it.

  11. I honestly cannot stand Silva… The past 3 fights he’s been in have all been the same. This takes the cake. If i were running the show, this would’ve been his third strike, and i’d have pulled his belt. If he’s gonna fight like a woman, let him go to strikeforce and take on Cyborg and Carano and the likes…


  12. I sure would have liked to see this”best pound for pound fighter in the world”get on the ground for a round with Miya and have seen what would have happend then.Im sure it would have been a different outcome.Like a tapout to an armbar. I mean doesn’t the best pound for pound fighter mean a fighter who’s able to dominate ALL areas of mma? Screw Silva. People forget some of his other”show boating”fights,like Forrest Griffin,when he gave him a hand to help him up,that was a form of humiliation whether he admits it or not. Not to mention ALL his fights since them. They all had some form of show boating bull sh**! I pray to the lord above that he drops down and fights/gets his ass beat by G.S.P.(the true best pound for pound fighter)

  13. You saw a bad fight so you’re not going to watch UFC again EVER? How many bad football/baseball/basketball games have there been?? Give us a break and grow up, you idiots…

  14. not all fights are comes out good to watch. but this, c’mon Todd.. I could even do what Silva did in that fight.. I can run around for 25 mins


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