Dana White’s Vision For The UFC In 10 Years Time

In an editorial for the Las Vegas Sun, UFC President Dana White has set forth his vision for the growth of the company in the next decade.

Truth be told, we’ve heard, almost word for word, most of what he has to say before, there’s not much in the way of new information here.  That’s the price to pay when you have a man like White who is in the media spotlight so frequently.

He does however start the article with a bold prediction.

“UFC will be the biggest sport in the world by 2020.”

It’s interesting that he uses the term ‘UFC’ instead of ‘MMA’.  It’s considered something of a faux pas to use those terms interchangeably, but perhaps he really believes that in ten years time the sport will have united under the one internationally recognized  banner.

Personally I feel that is a more realistic goal than looking to become the No.1 sport in the world in 10 years, which is I’m afraid an impossible dream.  Having said that, there’s no harm in trying.

Though there’s not much concrete information in the article, he does remind people that a network television deal is on the agenda as the UFC continues to grow.

“The UFC will be on network television in the coming years, but we’re not going to go out and do a stupid deal because we don’t need them. We built this thing without help from anybody, and that’s why the UFC has been able to flourish even in these hard times.”

Earlier this year White guaranteed that the company would be on network TV within a year.  It will be interesting to see whether that timescale holds true.

He also highlights the promotions expansion plans both in the U.S, and more significantly around the globe, which is undoubtedly going to propel the sport to new heights in the coming years.

“The sport was just sanctioned in Massachusetts and Vancouver. We’re going to get it done in Ontario and New York in 2010. And we’re already working on taking the UFC global.”

White rounds out the editorial full of confidence.

“Me and Lorenzo Fertitta will sit down and figure out a game plan for the next 10 years, and we’ll execute it.

“So, is 10 years enough time to make this the biggest sport in the world? Hell, yeah.”

While I think he’s wrong on that score, I certainly look forward to watching the sport continue to grow and develop, both inside and outside the cage, over the course of the next 10 years.  There’s still plenty of room for expansion, and the UFC will undoubtedly be at the forefront of that.

To read the full article, visit the Las Vegas Sun.