Daniel Cormier let his fists do the talking against his wrestling rival Pat Cummins tonight at UFC 170, taking just 1 minutes and 19 seconds to TKO him in the co-main event of the evening in Las Vegas.

Round One:

Cummins lands an early leg kick. He thinks about a takedown, but it doesn’t happen. He tries a body kick. They clinch up and Cormier lands a big uppercut that may have hurt his rival.

It’s a little wild out there, but Cormier is taking the fight to Cummins in a big way with heavy-handed blows and Cormier looking a little out of his depth.

A flurry of lefts and rights dumps Cummins to the mat. He tries to struggle back to his feet and Cormier is having none of that, shoving him back down launching a barrage of right handed blows at his dazed opponent until the referee moves in to stop the fight with just 1.19mins of the first round gone.

Cormier shoves Cummins off him and reels off to celebrate a quick, decisive victory in his light-heavyweight debut.