Breaking News: At the post-fight press conference Dana White revealed that a scoring error had lead to the fight being declared a majority win for Johnson when it should in fact have been a majority draw. As such a rematch will now have to take place. Read the full story here.

The first ever flyweight fight in the UFC was close and competitive and also provided a controversial finish, with Demetrious Johnson getting the nod over Ian McCall by majority decision, a ruling that didn’t go down well with the Aussie crowd or McCall himself who walked off in disgust.

Neither man had a definitive edge on the feet where most of the five minutes took place, but Johnson was the busier of the two, utilizing plenty of movement and a clipping punch appeared to momentarily stagger his opponent, though ‘Uncle Creepy’ laughed it off.

Meanwhile McCall was looking comfortable for his first time out in the Octagon and he was showing some very nice wrestling, taking down Johnson swiftly, though ‘Mighty Mouse’ did a nice job of reversing the position and getting back upright.

Both men also traded leg sweep takedowns during the round, but neither was able to take advantage before the other got back to their feet.

The two fighters kept up a good tempo in the second round which was almost entirely a striking battle broken up briefly by a groin strike to Johnson. McCall also took a glancing blow to the cup later, but chuckled, “these things happen in MMA” and continued fighting.

Really it was hard to split the two as they matched each other with punches, kicks and elbows at close range on multiple occasions, with Johnson being noticeably quicker, but mcCall having a slight power advantage.

Getting right back to it in the final round McCall took another hit to the groin and this time it stopped him in his tracks. The referee didn’t see it though and called for them to continue and Johnson obliged, reeling off a flurry of strikes as McCall tried to recollect himself.

That unfortunate moment didn’t throw McCall off his game however – in fact he then proceeded to turn up the heat and began to really make inroads with his wrestling, getting a takedown off a flying knee from Johnson, though he couldn’t keep him down.

However, soon after he secured another takedown and this time achieved back mount where he was able to rain down blows on johnson, but couldn’t produce the finish.

Johnson eventually managed to get back up again, but before long he was back down on the canvas and McCall moved into the mount position.

McCall then went to town with both fists on Johnson who could do little else but cover up and hope to survive until the final bell. As the hailstorm continued McCall began gesturing to the crowd, whipping them into a frenzy, and then continuing to punish ‘Mighty Mouse’.

Johnson managed to survive however, and so it would be down to the judges to split them. McCall had clearly had a big third round, but in the end it appears that two of the three judges hadn’t believed he had done enough in the earlier rounds as they give Johnson the win by 29-28, while one judge saw it as a draw resulting in a majority decision verdict.

The crowd roared their disapproval and it’s certainly a tough loss for McCall who didn’t definitively lose any of the three rounds and looked good out there, but nonetheless it’s Demetrious Johnson who moves on to the flyweight tournament final later in 2012.