Tonight’s first ever flyweight fight at UFC On FX 2 ended in controversy when Demetrious Johnson was declared the winner over Ian McCall by majority decision, but there was more drama to come.

At the post-fight press conference Dana White dropped an unexpected bombshell by revealing that there had been a judging error and it should in fact have been declared a majority draw.

If that had been the case the fight would have went to a fourth ‘sudden victory’ round to establish a winner, but since that did not happen there will now have to be a rematch.

A commissioner then took to the stage to confess that it was his error in collating the scorecards – marking down one judges third round score as a 10-9 when it should have been a 10-8 that lead to the wrong decision being announced.

Dana White admitted he was stunned by the news, recalling that he had said, “You’ve got to be sh!tting me!” when he first heard what had happened.

Joseph Benavidez, who was also in attendance at the presser and had been expecting to fight Demetrious Johnson to establish the first ever UFC flyweight champion also looked surprised to hear the news, but recovered his composure quickly and said he didn’t mind having to wait longer to fight for the belt and was looking forward to watching the rematch, admitting that he thought it should have been declared a draw in the first place.

McCall, who had walked out of the Octagon in disgust when he heard the original judges decision said he felt vindicated by the new ruling and was looking forward to fighting ‘Mighty Mouse’ again.

Meanwhile, Johnson did his best to hide his disappointment and confirmed he’d be up for them to go at it again in due course.

As for when the rematch will take place, the word tonight is that they are hoping it go down as early as April.