Despite Reports FX Says TUF 17 Is Unlikely To Broadcast On Wednesday Nights

The mystery surrounding which day the next season of The Ultimate Fighter will be broadcast continues today despite Dana White telling reporters yesterday that it was scheduled to air on Wednesday nights.

Last month FX confirmed that the show would be moving from it’s problematic Friday night slot in the schedule after struggling to gain traction, and that it would be moving to a new week-day night instead for the premiere of TUF 17 in January, but it appears they are not ready to let the cat out of the bag just yet regarding exactly where and when that will be.

According to FX’s Vice President of Media Relations told them it was “highly unlikely” that the show would be broadcast on Wednesday nights and that, “the official announcement will be coming in the next two or three weeks.”

It’s odd that White would have been misinformed about this, particularly as Jon Jones manager Malki Kawa also believed that was the day that had been set, and he should know since his client is going to be one of the season’s coaches!

That makes me think there’s still a small chance that the show could end up on Wednesday and they just didn’t want to make it official yet, but it’s hard to say for sure. Personally I hope that is the case as Wednesday’s were traditionally when TUF would air during it’s successful run on Spike TV so it’d make sense to return to that.

In the end though, as long as it still features on a weekday night other than Friday at a decent time then it’ll be considered a good result.


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