During fight week there was a lot of media speculation that the UFC’s return to Vancouver for UFC 131 was struggling at the ticket office, with Canadian’s attention appearing to be distracted by their love of hockey which had major play-offs taking place this weekend.

On Friday UFC president Dana White denied that they were concerned about the sales however, and the attendance of 14,685 (3rd highest attendance of the year so far) announced at last night’s post-fight press conference coupled with a $2.8 million gate seems to back that up.

To be fair that is some way short of the 17,669 fans who attended the last time the UFC came to visit here, raking in a $4.2 million gate.

However, when you consider that UFC 115 was the first event in the region and this time round they had to battle not only the Canadian’s pe-occupation with hocket but also a weakened card due to with injury call-offs including main event star Brock Lesnar it’s hard to see UFC 131’s figures as anything other than a success.

Canada continues to be a very profitable market for the UFC, and there’s no doubt that they will be back in Vancouver before long.