Diego Brandao Taps Dennis Bermudez To Become The Ultimate Fighter

Diego Brandao got the better of Dennis Bermudez in a hugely entertaining fight at the TUF 14 Finale to become the featherweight ‘Ultimate Fighter’.

This fight only lasted five minute, but it had everything you could hope to see in a mixed martial arts bout.

It was Bermudez who started stronger and he looked very comfortable striking with the dangerous Brazilian, throwing punches and kicks that had Brandao backing up.

It wasn’t long before Brandao worked his way into the fight though, and a left to the body followed by a powerful right momentarily drops Bermudez, though he’s quickly back to his feet.

Smelling blood Brandao looks for more opportunities to attack, but he can’t land anything definitive before Bermudez shakes off the cobwebs. Not long after tha however he charges with a flying knee that knocks over Bermudez, but again he’s back upright before long.

Brandao’s gung-ho style then cost him as he once again charged forward and missed with a big left hook only to run straight into a short right hand from Bermudez that folds him to the canvas.

Bermudez rains down blows, but Brandao still has his bearings and looks for a knee bar, but is shaken off. Bermudez looks for more ground and pound, but he leaves an arm in for a moment too long and Brandao pounces in lightning quick fashion, locking up an armbar from his back and then flipping his opponent over, producing an almost instantaneous tap.

Great fight from both men and an extremely impressive finish from Brandao who’s clearly got more to his game than just big power, making him a very worthy and exciting ‘Ultimate Fighter’ winner.

Unfortunately for Bermudez not only did he lose, but it also appeared that the fight-ending finish may have broken his arm.


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