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Dominick Cruz And His Team Make Fun Of Urijah Faber’s Awkward TUF Moment

Dominick Cruz got one up on his biggest rival TUF: Live coach Urijah Faber during the season premiere when he won control of the team picks and then selected his best fighter Justin Lawrence to fight and then told Faber that he could choose who he wanted to face him.

Faber was caught completely off-guard by that and it lead to an akwardly long wait on live TV as he struggled to make a decision, and was then made even more awkward when he asked his team who wanted to fight and was met with an equally deafening silence.

Keen not to let Faber off the hook, the bantamweight champion has now re-enacted the whole scene with a cast of familiar faces including the aforementioned Justin Lawrence and some of Cruz’s TUF helpers like Ross Pearson, Phil Davis and coach Lloyd Irvin.

It’s pretty funny stuff and it’s nice that we’re already getting to see a different side to Cruz’s personality in the early stages of the season.

Check it out below.

And for comparison’s sake here’s what the original version looked like…

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