After the conclusion of their two ‘Fight For Japan’ events in recent months Japanese promotion DREAM have announced that their next show will take place on September 24th.

More interestingly they have also announced that they will be switching from their traditional two round format in which the first round is fought over 10 minutes and the second over 5, and adopting the more standard 3×5 minute round format used by most major promotions around the world.

Title fights will also be now fought over 5×5 minute rounds instead of 1×10 and 2×5 minute rounds.

It’s not the first time that the company has tinkered with their format to come closer in line with their rivals. For instance in the last couple of years certain events have been fought in a cage rather than the ring, though they have so far resisted embracing this format at all of their events.

That aside there’s little details on what we can expect from DREAM 17, but it’s expected that the ‘world’ version of their bantamweight grand-prix will get underway, while former UFC fighter Caol Uno is confirmed to be fighting at the show against Takeshi Inoue.