Drunk Dana White Still Has Time To Do Interviews (Video)

You’ve got to hand it to UFC president Dana White – he’s one of the hardest working men around and yet he even when he’s out partying he still finds time to do interviews.

This week White has been spotted enjoying Hollywood’s nightlife and along the way he found himself being bombarded by questions from TMZ and PopCandiesTV interviewers while under the influence of a few refreshing beverages of the alcoholic variety.

Here’s a few notes from the impromptu Q&A:

– If he wanted to Brock Lesnar would be allowed to go back to the WWE now that he’s announced his retirement from mixed martial arts.

– Jon Jones is the man that White believes can take over from Lesnar as the biggest star in the sport. “He might be the baddest dude on earth.”

– In Dana’s opinion “Fedor sucks” and he’s on the downside of his career.

– Anderson Silva is expected to fight again in June.

Watch more of his comments in the videos below.


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