Dustin Poirier made an impressive step up to the lightweight division at UFC Fight Night 63 with a first round KO finish against Carlos Diego Ferreira.

Round One:

Ferreira with a few strikes to start this one, quickly taking the center of the Octagon.

Both men quickly get into an exchange of punches in close and then Ferreira drags Poirier to the mat, but only momentarily as he scrambles straight back up.

Now Ferreira is into the clinch against the cage, but Poirier reverses. A little in-fighting and then they separate. Both men putting their punches together. Poirier lands a nice little combo, then eats a punch from Ferreira in return.

Leg kick from Poirier and he lands a left hand. Ferreira puts together a few punches straight into the clinch against the cage. Half the round remaining as Ferreira works from this poisition, but Poirier reverses and they separate.

Punches from both men then they start to mix in a few low kicks for good measure. Suddenly Ferriera is dropped by a left hand from Poirier, but to his credit he scrambles back up and is staying active.

Poirier is energized though and he’s looking for more of the same, and he gets it, with the left hand again being effective, setting up a right uppercut that floors Ferreira again.

Some ground and pound follows and Ferreira looks all but out, so the ref steps in and brings an end to the fight, handing Poirier the KO victory with 3.45mins on the clock.

Nice work from Poirier and proves that he’ll pose a legitimate threat both in terms of his skills and his power at 155lbs.