EA Sports MMA: Actual In-Game Video Footage

Last week EA offered up a selection of screenshots from their eagerly awaited EA Sports MMA title, and now we have actual in-game footage to salivate over while we await it’s official release later this year.

The video gives us a look at the fighter entrances, a montage of various fighters battling it out in the Strikeforce cage both on the feet and on the ground, and a brief glimpse of some of the other arenas you will fight in.

The fighters on display, such as Cung Le, Nick Diaz and Scott Smith show a strong likeness to their real-life counter-parts and generally the graphics look good, though it’s debatable whether they are much better than THQ’s UFC Undisputed offering. I suspect in the end that might come down to personal taste.

The animations look good for the most part, and Cung Le’s trademark kicks and Fedor’s takedowns in particular looked very fluid.

Personally though it was the little things that struck me watching this trailer – Nick Diaz foot stomp for example, or the way the ropes shake when Monson brushes against them while being taken down by Fedor.

As small as they are, it’s moments like that which get me enthusiastic about the game since they are things we haven’t seen from the UFC’s Undisputed title.

Having said that I believe that in the end it’s going to be the game-play that will be the deciding factor for me between these two games.


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