EA Sports MMA: Career Mode Unveiled

EA Sports: MMA is still a work in progress but the company have released new information on the career mode portion of the game.

Here’s some key notes derived from an interview with EA Sports by MiddleEasy.

–  As with other EA Sports titles will include the  ‘Game Face’ technology allowing you to upload your own likeness, and the usual ‘create a fighter’ options you’d expect.

–  Trainers that you’ll meet in the game include Bas Rutten, Randy Couture, Pat Miletich, Rickson Gracie amongst others.

–  Your trainer will help corner you and give advice during your fights.

–  You start the game with $0 and have to earn money by fighting in order to travel to different gyms and learn new skills.  You can also get invitations to go to gyms.

–  You have to learn a move in order to add it to your arsenal.

–  There are smaller promotions in the game, but your ultimate goal is to fight in one of the two big leagues.  Obviously Strikeforce is one of them, but the second is fictional.  EA Sports have titled it ‘Mystic’ and it’ll encompass fighters from the Japanese DREAM and Sengoku promotions.

–  The second tier will feature a fictitious Brazilian and UK leagues, while the third tier features a further two leagues.

You can also view new screenshots taken from the career mode here

EA Sports MMA hits stores on October 16th and is available to pre-order now at Amazon


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