Early Estimates Indicate 30 Million Brazilians Watched UFC 134

UFC 134: Rio proved to be a huge success for the promotion in Brazil according to Dana White.

At the post-fight press conference White revealed that early polling data suggested that the event was watched by 20% of the available TV audience on Saturday night, equating to around 30 million viewers.

Best of all was the fact that the many millions watching were sure to have been impressed with what they saw with the many Brazilian fighters on the card delivering big on the night including TKO and KO wins for the three best known stars on the card Anderson Silva, Mauricio ‘Shogun’ Rua and Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira.

By comparison the attendance inside the HSBC Arena in Rio was more modest – a sellout 14,000 crowd. On reflection White knows they could have packed in far more people into a much bigger arena, but even so he went on record as saying that this was the loudest crowd he’d ever experienced in his 10 years with the UFC.

With talks on-going about a 100,000 seater stadium being booked for their return to Brazil in 2012 we may not have heard or seen anything yet.

“Trust me, people aren’t going to have trouble getting tickets to the next one. I guarantee you that. We’re jumping big next time. We’re going big. We’re not playing around next time.”


  1. You people need to start researching what you write out a bit more. 20% does not equal 20% of the entire country. They’re talking about “market share”, meaning that 20% of the people who were watching tv AT THAT TIME were watching the UFC. Not everyone in the country watches tv at the exact same time.

    I’ll give you an example, Germany has a population of 80 million people, research companies estimate 20 million Germans watch TV at any given time. When they say that 50% of Germans watched such and such a thing, they mean 50% of of that 20 million not the population.

    I don’t know what the market share rate is in Brazil though.

  2. Well Sinnerman, the fact is that these numbers weren’t produced by this site, they came directly from UFC President Dana White at the UFC 134 post-fight press conference.

  3. thanks for replying

    I don’t think Dana actually said 30 million homes watched, he said it had a 20% share in the country, MMA writers seem to be under the iimpression this means 20% of the country watched

    From another article:
    “At the post-fight press conference, UFC President Dana White stated that the early reports on the television ratings in Brazil is that the event did a twenty percent share in the country; which could very well mean that close to 30-million homes watched Silva’s sublime performance.”

    Clearly this is the writer’s own assumption

  4. Hi again. Actually both Dana White and Lorenzo Fertitta were saying all last week that they were expecting between 20-40 million viewers for Saturday night’s show.

    For example: https://mmainsight.com/news/new-lorenzo-fertitta-interview-with-ariel-helwani-in-rio/



    Also, here’s the exact quote from Dana at the press conference:

    “We’re getting early polling back from TV in Brazil that we did a 20 percent share tonight, which could be almost 30 million homes. Huge. This was a successful event before it even happened.”

  5. It just doesn’t make sense
    a 20% market share isn’t 30 million
    The total market share in brazil for TV is 40% of the population according to a 2008 study
    Brazil population is 190 million – 40% of 190 million is 70 million
    20% of 70 million is 14 million

    That’s probably still a very high number there but it’s not 30 million

  6. Well, whichever number is correct, whether it’s 18 million or 30 million, it’s still very impressive and gives a sense of scale to the UFC’s sudden rise to prominence in Brazil.


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