Edson Barboza Registers Crazy TKO Win Over Shane Burgos At UFC 262

Edson Barboza registered a crazy TKO victory over Shane Burgos tonight at UFC 262, rocking him with a big punch in the final round that forced a delayed reaction from his opponent that led to the stoppage

Round One:

An exchange of punches to start and then Barboza starts landing brutal calf kicks. Body strike for Barboza too. His calf kicks continue and Burgos will be in real trouble if he continues to eat those.

Nice stepping jab for Burgos. Now a one-two. Another jab lands, then a solid punch to the body. Again the jab connects and now Barboza goes back to that calf kick.

Uppercut from Barboza. Crisp jab again from Burgos. Spinning back kick to the body connects for Barboza and Burgos clinches up briefly.

Again the calf kick for Barboza. Good body kick for Barboza. Back to the leg kick. Jab for Burgos landing frequently. Two body punches for BUrgos.

Hook from Burgos and then they both exchange punches. Ripping hook to the body from Burgos as Barboza also lands a hook.

Jab from Burgos. Uppercut from Barboza and Burgos fires back. Wheel kick from Barboza to the head is blocked by Burgos.

Punch from Barboza staggers Burgos for a moment, but he’s a tough customer and keeps fighting. Again Barboza lands cleanly. Now back to the leg kick and Burgos is definitely feeling that, but still pressing forward. Nice punch from Burgos to remind Barboza he’s still in this. Frenetic pace and plenty of action on display here!

Round Two:

Overhand from Barboza. Right hand for Burgos gets through. Leg kick for Barboza. Front kick to the body from Burgos. Body kick connects for Barboza.

Body punch and then a hook upstairs from Burgos. Kick to the inside of the leg from Barboza. Front kick to the body again from Burgos.

Good strike for Burgos. Barboza’s shin is bleeding significantly but he still throws another punishing low kick again regardless. Burgos connects upstairs with a punch.

One-two from Burgos is blocked. Again the ripping hook to the body from Burgos. Leg kick for Barboza. Left hook for Burgos. Now he lands a calf kick.

Burgos with the front kick to the body. Body kick from Barboza. Now the jab for Burgos. Spinning back kick to the body from Barboza. Hook for Burgos, leg kick from Barboza.

Front kick to the body lands yet again for Burgos. Jab from Burgos. Hook and a leg kick for him. Hook from Barboza in close and then a right hand.

Jumping knee seems to land upstairs from Barboza. Now a switch body kick. Burgos digs to the body and then a punch behind it. He lands that combo again.

More body work from Burgos. Barboza with a spinning kick attempt. Now the leg kick again. Barboza’s shin still bleeding freely as he goes back to his stool.

Round Three:

Inside leg kick for Burgos. Barboza returns the favor. Now an outside kick for Burgos and Barboza kicks in return.

Both men land a punch apiece. Body punch and one upstairs for Burgos. Inside leg kick from Burgos in close and Barboza returns fire.

An exchange of punches and Barboza got the better of that with a clean, powerful punch. Crazy delayed reaction here – Burgos seemed ok for a couple of seconds and then suddenly wobbles backwards on shaky legs looking badly rocked, falls against the cage and goes face down on the canvas motionless!

Crazy stuff and Barboza lands a couple of punches on the ground, but Burgos was already completely out of it.

It goes down as a big TKO win for Barboza at 1.16mins of the final round and it was a great all-round performance from him against a very tough opponent.

What a mad ending to the fight though. Delayed reaction finishes happen every now and again, but I don’t recall ever seeing one that took as long as that to kick in!

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