Epic Moments In MMA: The Buffer Two-Step

Having been involved with the UFC since the early days of the promotion, Bruce Buffer knows that in this business you have to constantly evolve to remain at the top of your game.

In the past decade he kept one step ahead of the competition by first performing the  ‘Buffer 180’, then, pushing the very boundaries of what is possible from a fight announcer he went one better with the ‘Buffer 360’ at UFC 100.

Now we have entered a new decade, and it was time for Buffer take sports entertainment to the next level.

He had came to the realization that it’s not just what you do inside the cage that’s important, but also what you do outside of it that counts.

Studying old footage from the Pride Fighting Championship days, it became apparent that the UFC’s fighter entrances just weren’t generating the same level of energy and excitement.  Hell, even Strikeforce has a few flames shooting out as the fighters make their way to the cage.

Being the consummate professional that he is, Buffer didn’t ask what the UFC could do to improve the show, but rather what he could do to enhance the fans experience.  And so, during Wanderlei Silva’s entrance to the sounds of 90’s dance anthem ‘Darude – Sandstorm’, Buffer took it upon himself to unveil his latest creation.

Ladies and gentleman, I give to you – The Buffer Two-Step…

GIF by McSluggaCrackedMySkull

Note that within moments members of Wanderlei’s camp were already trying to mimic Buffer’s latest creation.  That’s why he gets paid the big bucks folks.

Rumors suggest that Bruce in now back at the lab working on perfecting an enhanced version of The Moonwalk.


There was a proud moment tonight at https://mmainsight.com HQ as we listened in to Bruce Buffer’s radio show on the Sherdog Radio Network, and heard the man himself talking about the now infamous move that we had christened, ‘The Buffer Two-Step’.

“I understand the camera caught me doing a little two-step to Wanderlei’s music as he was walking out…and then I caught a GIF of it on the internet, and they started calling it now, ‘The Buffer Two-Step’, and I started cracking up (laughing).”

We’re delighted to hear that he approves.  Of course full credit goes to McSluggaCrackedMySkull from the UG board who produced the GIF in the first place, ensuring that an epic moment in MMA can be witnessed by the masses!

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