Erick Silva finished Carlo Prater in ultra fast fashion this evening, but then found himself disqualified for what referee Mario Yamasaki deemed to be illegal blows to the back of his opponent’s head.

Almost immediately Silva had Prater in trouble right away after connecting with a knee strike to the midsection that folded him to the mat.

In an instant Silva was all over Prater with hammerfist blows to the head as his opponent tried to turtle up, and with just 29 seconds of the fight the referee stepped in to stop the contest.

Silva reeled off to celebrate an impressive victory as the fans roared in approval, but minutes later it became apparent that something controversial was about to happen.

It began to emerge that referee Mario Yamasaki had deemed some the ground and pound strikes that Silva threw to have landed to the back of Prater’s head, making them illegal.

That lead to him declaring Silva to be DQ’d, and so in bizarre fashion Prater was suddenly handed the victory.

It’s a great shame that the fight had to end this way as otherwise it would have been another very impressive display from a young emerging force at 170lbs in Erick Silva.

Instead the focus will now all be on Yamasaki’s controversial call, and while replays showed that a couple of the strikes Silva threw did land either on or close to the back of Prater’s head, in the cold light of day the veteran ref may look back on this as a decision he wishes he hadn’t made.