Ex-UFC Fighter Marcus Davis Suffered A Brutal Head Kick KO Loss At The Weekend (Video)

Ex-UFC fighter Marcus Davis fought at the ISKA: World’s Collide show in Ireland this past weekend and was the victim of a brutal head kick knockout in the first round by the relatively unknown Mark Casserly.

Afterwards the 38 year-old admitted on Facebook that perhaps now was the time to consider hanging up his gloves.

“Sorry all.. Im just not pulling the trigger like I did even 5 years ago. I have days in the gym where i cant be touched but days where I’m lethargic. Consistency is key to being a professional fighter. My reactions have slowed. I’m not going to make my decision now until I am with my family but this wouldn’t have happened 10-5 years ago. Time I think has caught up with me. I will be with my wife tomorrow and we will discuss my career. From the bottom of my heart I thank everyone who has ever supported me… God bless.  Marcus”

It certainly seems like retirement would be a good decision now, and in all honesty perhaps it should have come a little earlier.  At one time Davis was a solid fighter in the UFC’s ranks known for his tough, gritty stand-up wars, but towards the latter end of his time there it was clear that he was on a fast downward trajectory, suffering tough KO losses to both Ben Saunders and Jeremy Stephens before finally being released.

The former boxer did then go on to put together a three-fight winning run in smaller shows, but was then defeated by a former TUF fighter who failed to make the grade in the UFC, Chuck O’Neil last October.

Check out his latest fight below.


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