Fastest Finish In UFC History Establish In Dana White’s Latest UFC 141 Video Blog

In an intriguing twist to the usual video blogs we get from Dana White, the second one for UFC 141 sees the UFC president looking to clear up controversy over what the fastest knockout in UFC history.

Earlier this month reporter Ariel Helwani brought it to White’s attention that Duane ‘Bang’ Ludwig has long been regarded as having the fastest finish in the Octagon in his fight against Jonathan Goulet, but a timekeeping error that clocked it at 11 seconds instead of 6 means that it’s never been made official.

Instead the commission recognizes Todd Duffee’s 7 second KO of Tim Hague as being the quickest.

To bring an end to the matter the UFC have now used a computer to time them out and as such have proven that ‘Bang’ Ludwig’s was more than a second quicker.

They also established that ‘The Korean Zombie’s’ recent stoppage of Mark Hominick at UFC 140 should be considered the second quickest as it was just a couple hundredths of a second slower.

Check out the video below for the full explanation and video evidence to back it up.


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