Fedor Emelianenko Could Fight Kevin Randleman Next

Earlier this week M-1 Global confirmed that Fedor Emelianenko will not be retiring after dropping to his third consecutive loss against Dan Henderson, and that they were planning to have him fight again in Russia before the end of the year.

Now M-1’s Vadim Finkelstein has revealed who the mysterious ‘MMA Veteran’ is that they mentioned they wanted to pit him against in that bout.

“There are many possibilities. I personally want the opponent to be one of the great fighters from Pride’s best times. It would be good if it was an interesting and competitive fighter, like for instance, Kevin Randleman. At any rate, we will chose a competitive, globally respected fighter,”
Finkelstein tells Champion.At.

If that does prove to be the case then it’s a smart choice from M-1 Global as Randleman has name recognition, yet he should pose no serious threat to Fedor. The 40 year-old is currently on a four fight losing streak and has just two wins in his last 11 fights.

Emelianenko has of course fought Fedor once before at PRIDE Critical Countdown 2004 with the Russian emerging victorious by a submission just 1.33mins into the contest, though not before Randleman infamously almost finished him with a suplex that sent him crashing down awkwardly onto his head.


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