Fedor Emelianenko once appeared almost invincible, going a remarkable 10 years without defeat, but following his second loss in the Strikeforce cage in a row tonight the 34 year-old admitted the time may now be right to retire.

After struggling to make an impact in the first round against Antonio ‘Big Foot’ Silva, Fedor was taken down and badly beaten in the second, and with his right eye completely swollen shut the fight was brought to an end in-between the second and third rounds.

Afterwards Fedor took to the mike and via his translator revealed that this may have been the final fight in his remarkable career.

“Thank you very much for your love and support,” a battered and bruised Fedor stated. “Something went wrong from the very beginning. … Maybe it’s the time to leave. … Maybe it’s the last time, maybe it’s high time. Thank God for everything. I’ve had a great sporting life. Maybe it’s God’s will.

There’s no doubt that Fedor no longer appears to be the fighter he once was, but the heat of the moment is perhaps not the best time to make a decision like this, so hopefully he’ll take time to consider carefully his options before making a final decision.

In fairness, the fan favorite had hinted even before the tournament began that his time in the sport was drawing to an end, though at the time he had suggested he may still have another year left in him.

If he does indeed retire then it’s a sad way to end his career, but having said that it in no way diminishes his stature as one of the true greats of the sport, and in his prime, as good a fighter as ever competed in mixed martial arts.