We’re going to start this article off with an apology. Yesterday we reported that Fedor Emelianenko and Antonio ‘Bigfoot’ Silva were earmarked to fight on a Strikeforce event on January 29th?

Though the rumor had stemmed from a reliable source in MMAWeekly we, and most of the rest of the MMA media for that matter, made a schoolboy error – to believe that Strikeforce and M-1 Global could actually agree on something and get the Russian star back in the cage without the usual back and forth shenanagins that have plagued their dealings together to date.

So, as you might have guessed, it turns out that Fedor Vs Silva won’t be happening on January 29th after all.

That’s according to M-1 Global’s Director Of Operations Evgeni Kogan who says that a fight on that date is, “not on the table,” but tries to reassure MMAJunkie by adding that with regards to a new deal for Fedor, “We have been steadily working toward an agreement. And I think we are closer to it now than we have been in the past.”

Meanwhile Sherdog were treated to the usual soundbytes from Strikeforce CEO Scott Coker today regarding the contract negotiations.

“It’s been a very challenging process, but there’s light at the end of the tunnel. We’re at the very end stage of this process and I’m sure you can understand that I have a confidentiality provision in this agreement. I can’t really talk about this contract at all.”

It seems that the fight with Bigfoot is still on the cards though, according to the Brazilian’s manager anyway, but he suggests a certain party might still put the kybosh on it.

“For us and for Strikeforce, that’s the fight we want. And for Fedor, I think he’s agreed to it,” Bigfoot’s manager Alex Davis tells Sherdog. “But the only thing that’s keeping the fight from being established are whatever their negotiations are with M-1.Yeah, I want Junior to fight Fedor. But about M-1, it’s just beyond our control.”

Meanwhile Fedor’s not getting any younger.  Now 34, he’s fought just once in 2010, losing in 69 seconds.  By the time his next fight does eventually materialize it’ll have been in the cage twice in two years.

It’s sad to see one of the sports greatest ever fighters is spending the last years of his career on the sidelines like this.  As things stand his managers and lawyers appear to be fighting more often than he is.