Fedor Vs Werdum: Full Fight Video

You’ll probably have to watch the video below a few times just to believe what your seeing. Yes that is Fedor Emelianenko losing by triangle choke to Fabricio Werdum, the man nobody gave a chance of defeating ‘The Last Emperor’.

This is as historic a moment as any you’ll see in the sport of MMA for quite some time.

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  1. age man..u cant escape that…vintage fedor would have smothered fabricio, there’s always an upset to a great sport..watch fedor’s movements…not the way he use to..his 34 & 2 many battles on his resume…nice run from a great champ..win or loose he will always be the best…

  2. still humble in defeat..so hard to hate him…he should think about his future..the Arlovski fight showed Fedor is human…then Bret Rogers, it was an upset but expected…

  3. All good things must come to an end as they say.

    I suspect that in some ways it’ll be a relief for him to finally have all this pressure to keep winning and live up to the hype off his back.

  4. Class act! true that, it was expected one day the Last Emperor’s dynasty will fall, give credit to Mr.Werdum tho, but fact is nobody will remember Fabricio for being an athlete or a top class mma fighter, he will be remembered as the guy who first truly defeated the ” Last Emperor” I agree, Fedor should think about his future, those wars in pride is slowly taking its toll, don’t be another Wanderlei, Noguiera or Crocop. Much respect for Fedor! class act, no excuses, that my friend, is a champion!


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