Fedor’s Next Fight May Not Be For Strikeforce

Since Fedor Emelianenko’s shock defeat to Fabricio Werdum there has been much talk about who he would face next, with an immediate rematch with Werdum, a title fight with Alistair Overeem and most recently Antonio ‘Big Foot’ Silva all being suggested as potential opponents.

According to M-1 Global’s Vadim Finkelstein however, the Russian’s next fight may not even be in Strikeforce.

“We plan to organize an interim fight for Fedor,” Finkelstein tells the Championat.Ru site. “We are considering two options: Japan and Russia. We have a lucrative offer from the Japanese partners, who are interested in Fedor fighting on the New Year’s Eve. This is the most interesting option for us. But we are also not exluding an option that Fedor Emelianenko will fight in Russia, sometime in December.”

Finkelstein goes on to reveal why they are looking to options outside of Strikeforce at this time.

“We have to organize another fight for Fedor, as Fabricio Werdum is currently injured and no one knows when he will come back. Strikeforce have absolutely nothing against the rematch, that’s exactly why we are planning the last fight on Fedor’s contract to be against Werdum.”

From almost the instant that Fedor was defeated, M-1 Global have been pushing for a rematch with Werdum, and despite Strikeforce CEO Scott Coker suggesting that he would now have more power at the negotiating table and might look to promote a different fight, it seems that M-1 have other ideas.

I’m curious to see what kind of opposition they are looking at lining up for Fedor in either Japan or Russia.  Ideally they will be looking to put together a fight with free agent Josh Barnett who was originally scheduled to face Fedor at an Affliction event last year.

Bearing in mind that this is M-1 Global though, and that Japan looks likely to be the destination of the fight, I can’t help but wonder if they will simply serve up a can for Fedor to crush to ensure that he gets back to winning ways before he takes on Werdum for a second time.


  1. we know there are better opponents out there than ufc, strike force, dream that no ones knows about accept the people deep into the sport. why not give someone the chance to be famous. and fight! a real fight. full blast. theres someone bigger than Brock. or Randy. You have the power and means to change the face of mma. Train and fight like your 20 go out with a bang!

  2. Fedors is still 32-2-1 idnt think his reign is over he made a mistake and got tapped out it was bound to happin sooner or later….wen he rematches werdum im sure the results will be different if fedor can learn from his loss

  3. fedor is 32-1-1 who cares about this 1 actual loss in which his other one is not a loss but a tournament which he was cut by a illegal elbow so he is 32-1 wow i guarantee in the rematch werdum will be kod and he will be at par again end of story fedor is the greatest fighter that ever lived he fought all the top guys in the world and won in fashion.

  4. Fedor is a true anomaly and fans should be thankful to have seem him fight.

    However … the “sport” has evolved and only the multi talented warrior can hope to remain undefeated.

  5. here here. also just because fedor dose’nt alow ufc to use him for there own personal gain, they choose to bad mouth him because they cant get him. 32 fights and only 1 difinitive loss(to probably the best ju jit su fighter in the world), thats more than any ufc fighter can boast. he has already proven him self time and time again for many many years. period


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