Fight Of The Night Website Gets A New Look

So you’ll no doubt have noticed by now that we have a new look for our website, hope you all like it. There’s a few reasons for the change.

  • Firstly and most importantly we wanted was to the site easier to read, particularly since an important part of the site is the feature length articles. Removing the dark background and replacing it with this new lighter one should do the trick, and we think it just looks better all round.
  • Secondly we wanted to switch to a more magazine based look at the index page rather than just a blog. It’s a cleaner style and you’ll be able to see the most recent posts quicker now rather than scrolling down a long list.  As before, the featured articles also appear at the top of the index page as a slide-show.
  • Thirdly there’s been improvements made on the back end of the system which will give us more flexibility and make our life a bit easier!

You might also have noticed recently that there is now an MMA Store attached to the site.  Powered by one of the best and most trusted MMA store’s in the United States –, we will be updating the store weekly with their newest and best-selling products including MMA t-shirts, shorts, gloves and more.

All orders will be processed directly through Fighter Warehouse themselves, ensuring a safe, secure purchase.  Fighters who have endorsed the store in the past include Rich Franklin, Babalou Sobral and ‘Stitch’ Duran and they regularly sponsor some of the top fighters in the game.

That’s about it,  we hope you like the changes!  Feel free to get in touch to let us know how you feel about the new look, or any questions or suggestions you may have.


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