Fightmetric Confirms It: The Korean Zombie Was Robbed

Leonard Garcia Vs Chan Sung Jung was the kind of fight that promoters, broadcasters and mixed martial arts fans dream about. A three round war in which both fighters left it all in the cage, slugging it out in true ‘Rocky’ fashion and refusing to give in until the final bell.

Then the judges stepped in and did their best to spoil the proceedings by getting the decision completely and utterly wrong.

To pretty much anyone watching it was evident that while Garcia had shown an enormous amount of courage and determination, it was ‘The Korean Zombie’ who had repeatedly pressed the action, landed more strikes and caused more damage. On my scorecard it was 30-27 to Jung.

Yet somehow Garcia emerged with a split decision victory, with two judges scoring it 29-28 in his favor, causing the packed ARCO arena in Sacremento, California to erupt in a chorus of boos.

Did the judges see something we didn’t? Is there some justification for their decision?

The Fightmetric report that was released after the bout suggests not. Their findings reveal that Jung convincingly won 30-28, and with a definitive overall effectiveness score of 515 to 323.

All very disappointing, but if there’s a silver lining to the story however it’s that due to the buzz that the fight generated, there’s no real loser here. Both men walked away $65,000 richer after winning the ‘Fight Of The Night’ award, and got to play a starring role in a fight on live TV that will go down as one of the best in the history of the promotion.

Alsom, judging by the chatter on the internet today, ‘The Korean Zombie’ just became a fan favorite overnight.


  1. Korean Zombie was really robbed! f* ck those judges… It’s like Machida Vs Shogun 1…

    I hope those judges who picked leonard die asap…

  2. I was really like… wait… i’m sure i missed something. let me watch that over again.

    either way it goes. it was a hell of a fight. can’t wait to see what the zombie does next. guys a demon.


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