Former UFC and Bellator middleweight Ryan Jensen turned crimefighter last week after leaving his gym to find that his car had been broken into and ransacked.

A quick look at the gym’s CCTV system revealed that a male and a female suspect had stolen from his vehicle before speeding off in a black car, while a check of his credit card transactions showed that the last payment had occurred at a nearby Walmart store.

Armed with this information Jensen took off in pursuit of the criminals and as luck would have it he spotted their car in the Walmart carpark, blocked them in with his own vehicle and then chased one of the suspects into the store. Luckily police were soon on the scene and arrested the two thieves.

Jensen didn’t have to get physical with the perpetrators, but with a 20-8 career record including a four-year stint in the UFC, he was certainly well prepared to take care of business if it had come to that.

The 37 year-old last fought in April of last year, winning his Bellator debut via a first round submission.

Watch Jensen tell his robbery story in more detail in an interview with WOWT 6 News below.

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