Forrest Griffin & Anthony Johnson Interviews At The Arnolds

A host of mixed martial arts stars have been present at this weekend’s Arnold Sports Festival, and at the BSN booth both Forrest Griffin and Anthony Johnson took time out from signing autographs to be interviewed.

Perhaps the most interesting comment came from Griffin who suggested that he expects to be competitive with his next opponent, Antonio Rogerio Nogueira, on the ground.

“I think I’m actually a better wrestler and my jits I think is just as good as his.”

He may have a point on the wrestling, but BJJ wise Nogueira, like his brother Rodrigo, is a special talent on the ground and I suspect Griffin may be unwise to test him in this regard.

Forrest Griffin:

Meanwhile Anthony Johnson has been discussing his recent injury woes which have kept him out of a fight with John Howard later this month.

Johnson looks like he’s gained a considerable amount of weight again in this video. Hopefully not as much as the last time he was out due to injury which led to his well documented problems with cutting back down to 170lbs.

Anthony Johnson:


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