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FOX Redeem Themselves With Much Improved ‘UFC On FOX’ Promo

Yesterday we expressed our disappointment regarding a sub-par trailer that FOX were running for November 12th’s ‘UFC On FOX: Velasquez Vs Dos Santos’ event.

We noted at the time that they could do much better and it turns out we were right. A new and much-improved trailer has now emerged focusing on Velasquez as ‘The Baddest Man On The Planet’ with The Rolling Stone’s ‘Sympathy For The Devil’ being used as the soundtrack.

Truth be told the ‘baddest man’ spiel is a little played out and has already been done by CBS to promote Fedor, but overall this is the standard we were expecting from a major network like FOX  and hopefully there will be more to come as fight night approaches.

Check it out below (we’ve also added in one of FOX’s new intro’s which includes the UFC in amongst it’s other major sporting properties.)

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