On Sunday FOX Sports 1 will premiere the first in a new series called ‘UFC Fight Flashback’ which will dig into the promotion’s vast back catalog of events and dig out some classic fights to be revisited in a new ‘enhanced’ way.

First up to receive the ‘Flashback’ treatment is Anderson Silva’s first fight with Chris Weidman from earlier this year at UFC 162. To give fans a new perspective on the fight there’ll be behind-the-scenes action and state-of-the-art slow motion footage from the fight itself.

The show will air this Sunday night at 9.30pm ET on FOX Sports 1 directly after an episode of ‘UFC Ultimate Insider’.

Also be on the lookout for a special edition of ‘UFC Tonight’ on FS1 this coming Monday night at 8pm ET.

The one-hour show will see Kenny Florian and Chael Sonnen take a look back at the top 50 moments in the UFC in 2013.