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Fox Sports Exec Dave Hill Says ‘UFC On FOX 1’ Delivered

In the aftermath of the UFC’s debut on FOX the big talking point is whether just 64 seconds of actual live fighting in an hour long show deems this ‘teaser’ to have been a success or a failure.

According to FOX Sports Chief Executive Dave Hill overall the show lands in the former category.

“It absolutely delivered everything I hoped it would,” Hill told after watching Junior Dos Santos knockout Cain Velasquez to become the new heavyweight champion of the world.

Having said that, Hill does then go on to hint that perhaps the UFC’s introduction to a mainstream audience could have been handled differently.

“I spoke to Dana and maybe, tactically, Dana didn’t play it the right way. But this is what you get in this sport. This is world heavyweight champion action.”

Though he’s a little vague it’s clear that Hill is referring to the decision to broadcast just one fight live on the night. Interestingly he is passing the buck onto the UFC president here, while White had stated just a couple of days earlier that it was FOX’s decision to broadcast just the title bout.

Nevertheless, Hill is taking tonight’s outcome in his stride and still sounds upbeat about the network’s deal with the UFC which doesn’t officially begin until January.

“If it had gone five rounds tonight, people would have gone, ‘It went so long, it was boring.’ This is genuine. This is real. It’s this generation’s boxing.”

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