FOX executive Eric Shanks attended the ‘UFC On FOX: Velasquez Vs Dos Santos’ press conference on Tuesday, and afterwards he spoke to Sherdog’s Greg Savage about their plans for the event.

First off Shanks admitted he was impressed at the turnout for the presser in Hollywood.

“This is what we hoped for…I don’t know if he we expected it, but the fact that on a Tuesday at 1 O’ Clock in the afternoon you’ve got this crowd here – it’s like the NFL draft, on Tuesday at 1 O’ clock in the afternoon. It was an unbelievable day.”

The UFC On FOX event itself will be held in Anaheim which is close to the UFC’s own HQ, and Shanks admits that gives them the chance to roll out the red carpet for the promotion’s debut event.

“We’re going to do a huge red carpet party. I mean all the FOX stars, all the FX stars…all the stars from Hollywood are going to be down there. I don’t even know how Dana’s going to deal with tickets for people down there!”

Onto the fight itself, and Shanks reveals that he almost “fell out of my chair” when the UFC first revealed that they were going to be give them the heavyweight title fight between Velasquez and JDS for the event.

Shanks then goes on to reveal how that affected their plans for the show.

“We said, with a fight this big, we’re going to treat this like a huge event. We’re going to single it out. It’s going to be the only fight on the network and we’re going to take literally 20 minutes to tell America why they should care about either Cain or Junior, and we’ve got to let people know not only know who they are, but also care about one in those first 20 minutes. It’s just going to be a great night for television.”

Despite his excitement for the forthcoming event Shanks also notes that this is just the tip of the iceberg for their deal with the UFC which officially gets underway in January.

“Big events take on a life of their own, right? And they’re their own PR machines, and I think that’s what we look for. We’re going to capture the imagination of the country more and more with each new fight.”

Watch Shanks full interview below.

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