Frank Mir Attempted To Cut To 205lbs But Was Unsuccessful

After his loss to Shane Carwin, former UFC heavyweight champion Frank Mir stated that he was considering a move down to the light-heavyweight division, despite tipping the scales at 265lb last time out.

Last week however Mir announced that he had now changed his mind, and after hearing some of Brock Lesnar’s comments regarding him in the build-up to the champions title defense against Carwin, said that he was now focused on getting a rubber match with the wrestler.

It appears there was more to his sudden change of heart than just reigniting an old feud with Lesnar.  In a post on her twitter page, Mir’s wife Jennifer answered a fans question regarding his previous comments about cutting to 205lbs.

“He tried for 12 weeks with a very strict diet and weight cutting but he could only get to 229 he looked so gross.”

“Trust me he was more disappointed.”

So that would appear to put the rumors of a move to 205lbs to an end.

Mrs Mir also answered a question about who her husband’s next opponent may be.

“We don’t know it’s whoever they give him.”

“I think it’s going to be Gonzaga.”


  1. I would LOVE to see Mir fight Gonzaga, that would be an amazing fight. Both very technical and skilled on the ground, and both would have a chance to show off their evolving stand up games. And the news doesn’t come as a surprise, he has to big of a frame and been a heavyweight too long to make a cut like that.


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