Frank Mir Considers Moving Down To Light-Heavyweight

In a new interview that’s sure to raise a few eyebrows former UFC heavyweight champion Frank Mir reveals that he’s giving thought to a possible move down to 205lbs.

“Right now I have a couple of months off, so I’ve actually been toying with the idea of moving down a weight class,” he tells “Since I don’t have a fight for a couple of months I’ve just been watching what I eat and see how my body, without trying to put size on, what my natural weight will fall at since I have lifted a lot lately to add size…

“Kind of curious to see what I’d fall at, just cause some of the guys that I train with that are light-heavyweights bone-structures…I mean sometimes I stand next to Forrest [Griffin] and I think that I’m in the wrong weight class.”

In all honesty such a move seems highly unlikely given his current size, but whether it does become a reality or not his comments certainly give an interesting insight into his mindset at this moment in time.

After being handily defeated by Brock Lesnar last summer at UFC 100 Mir almost immediately came out and stated that the difference between the two fighters was size and strength. He then embarked on an intensive strength and conditioning program to combat his rivals natural advantage as he set about climbing back up the ranks to avenge his loss.

Mir did indeed pack a considerable amount of muscle onto his frame, in the region of 20lbs, between that fight and his interim title fight with another imposing presence in the division –Shane Carwin.

Though his physique looked impressive it was no match for Carwin’s natural size advantage and once again he was on the receiving end of a quick and brutal first round beating.

It was obviously a tough loss for the 31 year-old to take, and as the reality sets in that he’s still unable to negate the natural size advantage enjoyed by the behemoths at the top of the division, his future strategy appears to have changed into reverse gear.

It’s understandable that he’s contemplating bidding a hasty retreat from the division. Heavyweight’s hit hard, the average size of competitor in the division is increasing, and Mir’s biggest weakness has always been his punch resistance. In fact all five of his career losses have all come about punches, all but one of them ending in the first round.

205lbs would be an exceptionally tough weight cut for him though, and trying to do so after spending months packing on muscle will only make it tougher. Also comparing himself to Griffin is perhaps not ideal since he is known to be one of the biggest light-heavyweights around with a walk-around weight of around 240lbs.

As I said earlier though, it’s certainly an intriguing look into the mind of the former champion, and perhaps a reflection of the doubts that he’s battling after two tough losses in the last twelve months.

Watch the full interview with Mir at the UFC Fan Expo below.

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