Frank Mir Feels He’s A Better Fighter Than Mirko Cro Cop

One thing that you can always rely on from former heavyweight champion Frank Mir is that he talks a good game.

In a new interview on to promote his upcoming headline bout with Mirko Cro Cop at UFC 119 later this month, Mir once again appears in confident mood, and says that he feels he matches up well with the former PRIDE legend.

“Mirko is very good on his feet; I’m not bad on my feet either. Add in the wrestling that I have been working on, the jiu jitsu aspect, he has many more things to worry about. Once that cage door shuts every advantage is mine.”

It’s interesting to hear that Mir has been working on his wrestling.  That’s certainly an area that’s been considered a weakness in his game over the years – not ideal when high level wrestlers like Brock Lesnar, Shane Carwin and Cain Velasquez populate the top end of the heavyweight division.

On this occasion he doesn’t have to be overly concerned about Cro Cop trying to take him down, but Mir is well aware of the the other threats the Croatian poses.

“Cro Cop is still the same individual we’ve seen in PRIDE.  I think a lot of guys have seen enough tape on Cro Cop to know that if you walk away from him, or you stand in front of him and attack it can be a dangerous night as he still has the same kick that he’s always had.”

In Mir’s opinion there is a way to counter-act Cro Cop’s game-plan.

“I just think that in the cage it’s easy to bully people around, and I don’t think his style really poses well to somebody trying to bully him.”

Overall it appears that despite a couple of tough losses on his record in the past year or so, Mir is confident that he’ll emerge from this fight victorious.

“I don’t see anywhere I don’t feel comfortable with CroCop – I can beat him in more ways than he can beat me.”


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