In an amazing few minutes of action Frank Mir went from being on the verge of being finished to doing the unthinkable and submitting Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira.

The early stages of the fight were fought from the clinch with perhaps Big Nog landing the better strikes, but it was fairly even.

They then broke free and in the next stand-up exchange Nogueira rocked Mir with a punch that immediately turned his legs to jelly and left him slumping to the mat desperately looking to grab a hold of his opponents legs.

With Mir pretty much face down on the canvas and Big Nog firing off ground and pound it looked like the fight was as good as over, but Mir moved just enough to convince the referee to let them continue.

Then Nogueira opted to switch strategy and go for a guillotine submission instead. Mir clearly isn’t done though as he manages to escape and ends up on top.

Nogueira attempts to get out from underneath Mir and take his back, but Mir recognises it and scoots back into side control to secure top control.

Then he seizes Nogueira’s arm and looks for a kimura. He’s clearly got the size and strength advantage which means that even a BJJ Master like Big Nog is having serious difficulty preventing him and as the torque is continued to be applied and with no sign of a tap there’s only one outcome – Nogueira’s arm snaps and that signals the end of the fight.

This was a spectacular win for Mir, arguably the most impressive of his entire career. He looked completely out at one stage which makes it even more remarkable that he still had the presence of mind to then get into a physical chess match on the floor with a BJJ master and show that he too has world class ground skills.

As for Nogueira, you have to feel for him as he was doing so well up until that point, and the last thing he needs is another serious injury. The fact that he was outclassed in the jiu-jitsu for the first time in his career is certainly a historic moment, and unfortunately only rubs more salt in the wounds.