In the headline battle of the heavyweights at UFC 119 it looked like we were heading for one of the most boring decision’s in a headline bout in recent memory.

Despite the entire fight being fought on the feet neither man appeared particularly keen to engage.  Coupled with Mir’s tendency to press Cro Cop up against the fence and this was not a recipe for an entertaining fight.

In all honesty nothing really happened in the fight until the final stages of the third round when Mir suddenly landed a knee to Cro Cop’s chin which dropped him dazed onto the canvas.

More followed up quickly with a couple more powerful blows which sent the Croatian to sleep with just 58 seconds of the fight remaining.

It was a highlight reel ending, but an overall performance that Mir may wish to forget.

As for Cro Crop, a knockout loss at this stage in his career would appear to be a signal that it’s time for him to hang up the gloves.