Former heavyweight champion Frank Mir was as interested as anyone to hear today that current No.1 contender Alistair Overeem is now likely out of his UFC 146 title fight against Junior Dos Santos after failing a pre-fight drugs test.

Mir was already scheduled to fight on the same card in the co-main event against another former title holder Cain Velasquez, but it could now be that he has the opportunity to step up to take the title shot, and if that is the case he’s more than willing to do so.

“I’m excited that maybe now I can get a title shot,” Mir told MMAJunkie after the story broke.

Mir is currently on  three fight winning steak in the UFC’s heavyweight division, including a spectacular come-from-behind win against Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira last year, snapping his shoulder with a kimura lock that was later rated as the ‘Submission Of The Year’.

All things considered that probably does make him the No.1 contender now with Overeem appearing to be out of the picture, though it’s not out of the question that the UFC would instead opt to go for a rematch of the ‘UFC On FOX 1’ main event between Dos Santos and Velasquez.

However, when quizzed earlier today UFC president admitted that he was still reeling from the news about Overeem’s failed drugs test and that right now he didn’t have a “plan B” for the event.  There’s still time to decide though with the event not scheduled to take place until May 26th.

UFC 146 had been planned to be a major heavyweight showcase, with all five main cards being from the promotion’s biggest weight class.  Whatever happens there’ll now have to be some significant upheaval to the originally planned fights, and there’s no doubt that without Overeem and the co-main event potentially being broken up the card has now lost some of it’s luster.


  1. I had a kickass party set up with a 14 foot projection screen for this event, I am also reeling from this juice-head news.

  2. Yeah, that 14 foot screen won’t have quite the same impact without Overeem’s steroid enhanced physique. Still, on the bright side at least you’ll be able to see Roy Nelson’s svelt frame in all it’s glory!

    Seriously though, it’s pretty crappy news and kills a lot of the buzz for what would have been a great show.