Frank Mir Speaks Out For The First Time Since Losing To Shane Carwin

After being the victim of a vicious beatdown at the hands of Shane Carwin at UFC 111 in March, former heavyweight champion Frank Mir has largely stayed out of the spotlight aside from thanking his fans for their support on Twitter.

At a promotional event yesterday the Toronto Sun finally tracked down the fighter and found that Mir was in a philosophical mood after the disappointment of his most recent loss.

“Suffering is what’s good for you in life,” Mir said. “Any time anybody goes through hardship in life, they’re always better. Like Nietsche says, ‘whatever doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger’.

“Obviously, we enjoy the good moments in life that we have, but it wasn’t for the tough moments in life, we wouldn’t be who we are and what we are.”

Ironically Mir announced before his last fight that he was becoming involved in a new company called ‘Suffer USA,’ a brand that now seems particularly appropriate given his current circumstances.

The good news for fans of the fighter is that he still believes he has plenty of time left in the sport.

“On a positive note, I’m only 30 years old.  I’ve had quite a few fights and have quite a few fights ahead of me.”

And it appears that Mir has now discovered new motivation to fight.

“Had I went on to beat Lesnar (the second time), maybe the movie may have come to an end.  I mean, what’s left? This gives me something to do every day. Now, I have to battle my way up to the top of the heavyweight picture. Now, I have something to strive for. I’m not really somebody who enjoys accomplishments.”

We’ve seen Mir’s ability to turn a negative into a positive before.  After his loss to Brock Lesnar he immediately got back into the gym almost immediately to begin a new training regime that would pack more muscle onto his body so that he could compete with the genetic monsters that sit at the top of the heavyweight ladder.

It will be interesting to see what improvements and adjustments to his game Mir makes now that Carwin has shown him that even gaining over 20lbs still leaves him with a size and strength disadvantage.

The loss to Carwin has sent Mir down the heavyweight rankings, making a third encounter with the champion Brock Lesnar seem unlikely in the near future, but he hasn’t ruled out the possibility of it happening at a later date.

“I guess that’s up to them (the UFC).  If they don’t, it’s an opportunity missed and that’s just the way life works some times.”


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