Frank Mir Talks About His Forthcoming Fight With Nogueira

Earlier today the UFC officially announced that Frank Mir will make his first appearance in the octagon since losing to Shane Carwin in March at UFC 119 which takes place on September 25th.

At the event he’ll face a familiar foe, Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira who he previously defeated in December of 2008. Despite that fact Mir is happy to give the Brazilian the rematch he has been calling for.

“I think Nogueira thinks that in our last match he wasn’t at his best and that things could have been drastically different otherwise, so I say say, given the opportunity I think if anybody deserves that it’s him, you know,” Mir tells “Being a multiple time world champion and ranked number one in the world at one time at the high point of his career.  I think he’s more than earned it to where, [if] he wants to get another shot at something then why not.”

Mir says the fight was something that Nogueira was pushing for more than him, but after hearing the Brazilian’s comments on their first fight he didn’t need much persuasion to agree to a rematch.

“Right now it makes sense for us to go ahead and fight each other.  I was more than happy that when I heard him asking for it, I asked for the same.”

The interview ends with Mir being asked for his opinion on the recent UFC heavyweight title fight featuring the last two men to beat him, Brock Lesnar and Shane Carwin.

“Didn’t watch it, wasn’t interested,” was Mir’s reply.


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