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Frank Mir’s Son Puts Dana White On Blast After UFC 119 Bonus Snub

Dana White made a controversial move last night when he opted not to award Frank Mir the ‘Knockout Of The Night’ bonus despite the fact his last minute KO of Mirko Cro Cop in the main event of UFC 119 was the only one on the entire card.

Mir admitted himself that despite the KO he was disappointed with his own performance in what was undeniably an extremely lackluster fight, and he made no mention of being overlooked for the $70,000 bonus after the fight.

If Frank Mir’s son Marcus’ angry comments on twitter since the fight are anything to go by then it seems that behind the scenes the Mir family are fuming about the snub.

“wow i cant believe my dad @thefrankmir didnt get knockout of the night!!”

“f*ck that sh*t dude! no knockout of the night?! thats some damn bullsh*t! !”

“no KO of the night! i bet if cro cock got a last minute KO hed get KO of the night”

“even if you dont like someone, you cant do that to a fighter who trained soo hard and went out and knocked out a legend in the sport!!”

“@danawhite is just trying to blow this whole thing off but i know hes mad that @thefrankmir KO one of the best in the sport so hes srugglin to handle that fact right now!!! so let him drive away on his lil yellow lambo an keep hatin!! hes mad he will never get a chance to get in the cage and do what these guys do!! so lets enjoy ourselves and let him hate!”

Frank Mir has still stayed silent on the matter, but both his wife Jennifer and the ‘Team Mir’ twitter accounts also expressed some disbelief at the decision, though in less heated terms than his son.

So far Dana White has shown no indication of backing down on the matter though, telling one fan:

“You think mir should be bonused for that AMAZING performance last nite! Lmfao!”

There have been signs for a while that their relationship has been somewhat strained.  Earlier in the year Mir had made a comment stating he hoped his nemesis Brock Lesnar would die in the octagon.   Needless to say that didn’t go down to well with White who forced the fighter to make a public apology.

Shortly afterwards Mir was relieved from his co-commentator duties at the UFC’s sister promotion the WEC, though Zuffa denied it was a direct response to the comments.

The bonus snub certainly doesn’t help to mend any bridges, and Mir’s son’s heated comments have the potential to widen the rift between them even further.


Marcus Mir has now sent out another message on twitter apologizing for his irate remarks in the wake of Dana White’s decision.

“I apologize for my inappropriate language towards dana white,just mad that the first fight that doesnt get KO of the night happens to my dad”

It appears that his twitter account has since been deleted.  Looks like his dad might have had a word with him about it before he caused any further damage.

Dana White has continued to criticize Mir though.  Read his latest comments questioning Mir’s heart here.

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