MMA’s most prominent female manager Shari Spencer has lost her two high profile stars in the space of just a few weeks.

Following UFC welterweight champion Georges St.Pierre’s departure last month, now lightweight champion Frankie Edgar has also split from her.

As with GSP, Edgar’s separation was described as, “amicable,” and no further details were given.

Spencer became a respected figure in the sport after helping guide GSP’s career for a number of years. Unlike many of her peers her philosophy was to concentrate on only a small number of fighters so that she could devote more time to each one.

Edgar became only her second high profile MMA client in 2009, but though the lightweight fighter’s career inside the Octagon has blossomed, he’s not enjoyed the same level of success in terms of big name sponsorship deals as GSP.

Due to the split Spencer is now back to square one with no MM clients on her books, but she is believed to now be evaluating new opportunites both in and out of the sport.