Frankie Edgar Successful In Helping New York Jets To Victory Again

It appears that UFC lightweight champion Frankie Edgar has the midas touch inside and outside of the Octagon.

After a motivational speech from the champ prior to the New York Jets game against the Houston Texans in November of last year lead to a 30-27 victory, Edgar was called upon again at the weekend to help pull them out of a three match losing streak.

The New Jersey native had plenty of new tales to tell having produced two remarkable come-from-behind victories against Gray Maynard this year to retain his title, and it appeared to have the desired effect as the Jets ran out 24-6 winners against the Miami Dolphins last night.

“This year kind of hit home a lot more,” guard Matt Slauson later told the NYTimes, revealing that Edgar had played his latest battle with Maynard from UFC 135 earlier this month to the team on Sunday night.

“He was getting killed so much that it was amazing he could even still stand,” Slauson recalls. “And then he just kept on fighting and kept on fighting, and ended up getting a knockout.”

That against-the-odds fighting spirit inside the Octagon from Edgar was something Slauson felt his team could apply on the football field.

“That’s kind of where we’re at. We’ve been on the verge of being knocked out and guys just keep on battling.”

So Edgar is now 2-0 in his motivational speaking career, but given that he’s 14-1-1 as a mixed martial artist and has just evenged his only loss to Maynard he’s unlikely to be giving up his day job any time soon.


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