Frankie Edgar Taps Out Cub Swanson With 4 Seconds To Go At UFN 57

After a dominant five round performance tonight in the main event of UFC Fight Night 57, Frankie Edgar went all out for a finish against Cub Swanson and found it by submission with just 4 seconds remaining!

Round One:

The main event of the evening is underway. Edgar with a leg kick to start. Another kick from Edgar. Edgar thinking about a clinch as Swanson fires off a few punches.

Edgar working behind the jab. He presses forward with a series of jabs and takes a left hand from Swanson.

Edgar in on a takedown attempt, but Swanson defends it well. Swanson lands with a couple of punches. Edgar back to putting some punches together and Swanson lands a kick.

The former champion in on a takedown again, really looking to get this fight to the mat, but again Swanson stuffs it and smiles afterwards.

Swanson with an overhand as Edgar works to the body. Swanson stepping forward with a swagger and wings a punch, but Edgar ducks, goes for the takedown and finally gets his opponent on his back. However, Swanson is quickly able to get back upright.

Edgar’s head snapped back by a solid jab from Swanson. Left kick to the body for Edgar. Edgar pressing forward with punches, but Swanson backs away out of range. Edgar lands with a left and then goes for the takedown, using a trip to seal the deal in the final seconds of the round. Good competitive first five minutes there.

Round Two:

Uppercut from Swanson as Edgar thinks about a takedown and doesn’t commit to it. Edgar goes upstairs wtih a kick off the end of the a combination, but it misses.

They both land in close. Edgar lands akwardly on a takedown attempt due to a kick from Swanson. Edgar with a big overhand that lands and Swanson sticks his tongue out in acknowledgement. He’s now sporting a little blood to his face.

Edgar presses forward and puts Swanson on his back from a takedown. Edgar in half guard as Swanson tries to wriggle free. Edgar lands a few short punches on top.

Solid elbow strike further opens up the cut near Swanson’s left eye. Swanson does have him back into full guard now though, but not for long as Edgar passes to half again. More elbows from ‘The Answer’ in the final minute of the round. Another elbow scores.

Swanson tries to buck him off, but only succeeds in allowing Edgar to pass to mount. Credit to Swanson though who immediately brings him back to half guard. Edgar lands a few punches and elbows to end the round with the momentum of the fight in his favor.

Round Three:

Swanson pumps out the jab t ostart. Edgar with a front kick to the body that comes up short and a kick upstairs that also misse the target.

Edgar rushes in and gets Swanson’s back looking to take him down. His first attempt fails, but he continues to push for it and gets Swanson to the mat at the second attempt. He’s back in half-guard again now with plenty of the round remaining to work from top control.

Edgar stands for a moment and then back down still in half guard. He’s looking to get into full mount here, but Swanson prevents it. Edgar with punches to the head and a few to the body for good measure. He starts to pick up the volume and aggression which provides a little room for Swanson to scramble. Edgar alert though and manages to keep his opponent down and is soon back in half guard landing more punches.

A minute remaining with Edgar very much in control. Swanson looking for a way to get out from under him here, but Edgar’s offering him few options and he must be getting frustrated now. Edgar continues chipping away at him with short shots and even a knee to the body as another dominant round comes to a close.

Round Four:

Swanson looking to land heavy punches now. Unfortunately for him before a minute of the round is gone Edgar has taken him down again. Credit to Swanson though as he works back upright against the cage. Edgar won’t be denied though and continues to work until he smoothly brings his opponent back down again.

In that familiar half-guard position again now with over three minutes remaining in the round. He’s able to move into full mount this time and lands some big elbows. More elbows and a left and right in there too. Swanson manages to shift back to half guard though.

Swanson almost gets out from under Edgar, but nope, Edgar keeps him down and before long moves back into full mount. He’s continuing to land shots to the head. Under this sustained assault Swanson opts to roll, then goes to his back again.

More blows raining down from Edgar and Swanson is taking abit of a beating here now. He’s still defending though and manages to get back to half-guard and then pushes off to get upright.

Swanson with his hands low tries to come in, but eats a punch from Edgar as the round ends.

Round Five:

Into the final round then with Swanson needing a finish to win. Edgar still as fresh as a daisy as he moves around the Octagon and lands a few punches. He moves in on a takedown, but Swanson is able to defend it this time.

Swanson lands a short right hook to the head and looks for a kick, but Edgar uses it to take him down. The best part of four minutes for Edgar to work here. In full guard this time, but soon steps over to half.

Edgar sets up a guillotine choke on top, but Swanson escapes for that. Edgar gets to full mount though and starts landing punches.

Edgar goes for a arm triangle choke, but Swanson defends well and Edgar gives up on that. Edgar moves from half to side control and lands a few knees to the body.

Swanson looking to scramble and roll to get out from under Edgar, but he just can’t shake him off and Edgar gets to half guard again. Edgar trying for mount, Swanson tries to scramble again, but Edgar swiftly takes his back.

Swanson rolls to his back again. Hard elbow strikes land. Swanson rolls to his back and Edgar unleashes blows. He’s really trying hard to get the finish here in the closing stages of the round.

10 seconds remaining and Edgar suddenly goes for a rear-naked choke, cranking it viciously and amazingly causes an almost immediate tap from Swanson. Remarkable stuff.

What terrific determination from Edgar to get a stoppage win one way or another there, and the icing on the cake is that with just four seconds of the fight remaining that now goes down as the latest ever finish in UFC history!

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