Ben Henderson claimed a unanimous decision victory this evening in a thoroughly entertaining fight with Clay Guida that will now earn him a title shot against current lightweight champion Frankie Edgar.

At the post-fight press conference Dana White confirmed that the Edgar Vs Henderson match-up will now go on to headline UFC 144 in Japan on February 26th of next year.

Henderson’s performance tonight in the Octagon earned him a $65,000 bonus for ‘Fight Of The Night’, and given the competitive back and forth action we witnessed from both him and Guida this evening it could also be a contender for Fight Of The Year.

When you consider that Edgar is also coming off another ‘Fight Of The Year’ candidate following his TKO win over Gray Maynard then it’s clear that what we have here is a hugely entertaining title fight between two of the most dynamic, energetic and well-rounded fighters currently fighting in the UFC.