Freak Series Of Events Results In Eric Prindle Winning Bellator Heavyweight Tournament

Every fighter dreams of one day being able to tell their grandchildren about the time they won a major title, but in Eric Prindle’s case that story won’t be quite as impressive as some others, though you certainly can’t deny that it’s unique.

After defeating Abe Wagner and Ron Sparks to book his spot in last year’s Bellator heavyweight tournament final Prindle found himself up against Thiago Santos, a Brazilian who’d posted two submission wins to earn the opportunity.

Under 90 seconds into the bout Prindle took an illegal kick to the groin which left him unable to continue and resulted in a ‘No Contest’ ruling, leaving the tournament hanging in limbo.

Fast forward several months later to last week’s Bellator 61 show and the final was at last set to come to a conclusion, only for it to be postponed when Prindle fell ill with flu-like symptoms during fight week.

Luckily it was just a minor bug and so the fight was only pushed back a week and had been expected to feature at tonight’s Bellator 62 event, but the most jinxed bout in the promotion’s history had one final trick up it’s sleeve.

At yesterday’s weigh-ins Prindle’s opponent tipped the scales a whopping 12lbs over the heavyweight limit.

As a result Bellator officials have now scrapped the fight entirely and Eric Prindle has been officially confirmed as your new Bellator Heavyweight Tournament champion and will go on to fight Bellator champion Cole Konrad.


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